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How It Works

1. Tell Us Your Risk Tolerance

One of our representatives will email you and determine the investment portfolio that best fits your risk tolerance.

2. "Buy" or "Sell" Notifications

We give you clear instructions on when to execute a trade by email and text message. Since our financial models look at intermediate and long term trends, you can expect to execute a trade once every few weeks or once every few months. Make the recommended trade within the next 24 hours for best results.

3. Rejoice

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Stocks Formula?

A: Stocks Formula is a neural network that takes technical indicators and recent events as input to determine the best trade to make. You can subscribe to the Stocks Formula service for a fixed fee per month, and receive notifications as to when to execute a trade.

Q: How do you promise such high returns?

A: We don't promise anything. Like any other trader out there, we only know what has happened in the past.

Q: Okay, projections are nice, but what are your historical returns?

A: See for yourself. Our financial model has been proven over time.

S&P500 Our Portfolio
2016 11.74% 34.91%
2015 1.38% 43.82%
2014 13.52% 20.13%
2013 32.15% 24.55%
2012 15.89% 31.48%

Q: How does this work?

A: See above

Q: How frequently do I have to make a trade?

A: One trade every 2 weeks to 6 months on average. Yes this is a wide range, but you trade when our algorithm says so! No shortcuts!

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